This game was made for a game jam

This was my very first time doing art

Overall it was a great experience

Your objective is to kill the slime you are controlling,to do this you have to fill the Death-o-meter

To launch the slime in the air just hold down in the opposite direction in which you want to launch it.

Once you buy the jetpack in the store you will be able to control it with the arrow keys or A & D 

Get propelled in the spikes and in the mines to keep your score going up, as you step in them it will be easier  for you to keep rising  your score 

Have fun and thank you for playing my game!


Trajectory script: Mace b


Background by Cryptogene:

UI elements by STETSROMAN

Thanks to all of them, for letting me use their assets!


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Very nice prototype!

With a bit of playtesting + guidance, some improvements to the UI/UX, a bit of iteration, I think you could expand upon this to be a fun little mobile game or such! Perhaps sell as an online-game (e.g., to Armor Games, etc.)!


First before i say anything i just wanna thank you for stopping by to play my game and even leave a comment,thats so nice!

Im really glad you liked the concept of the game

Yeah the UI still has some responsive problems,altough i tought that i made it right,i guess i was wrong

That would be amazing,to be able to launch this game as a mobile game but i think that first before getting into more serious development i should improve my art skills,as the game animations are sloppy and the bakcground does not really fit the theme of the game.

Altough im really happy that you enjoyed the game

Thank you for stopping by,your post really made my day haha.


Fun little game, but found a problem.

I use two monitors, and thought it'd be fun to see how far the game lets you drag the launch distance.

Well as it turns out the game accounts for the mouse cursor even when it is outside the game window.

I launched this little blue suicidal slime so fast the obstacles couldn't generate in time. Eventually, I hit an endless blue void and could no longer continue.


First of all,thak you for playing my game! Really appreciate it 

Im on my way to fix that right now,thank you so much for the feedback

I should have tought,that someone might a have a 2 monitor setup and that was possible.

I Will update the game as soon as i have it ready. 

Thank you again for stopping by to report that bug :)